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Ethiopia Misty Valley

This fresh crop, naturally processed Ethiopia comes to us all the way from the famed region of Yirgacheffe. Misty Valley is a stunning execution of the natural process, bursting with a bluebverry sweetness with a silky milk chocolate backbone. Producer Abdullah Bagersh ensures the coffee is picked ripe and rotated during the drying process, so none of the famed floral and ciutrus notes are lost in the cup. Expect a huge sweetness and an evolving complexity leading to an extremly satisfying drink.

Notes: Blueberry, Milk Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Lemon Bar


Mexico Mocabe

This Mexican coffee comes to us by way of the city of Motozintla. Residing in the state of Chiapas, this Mexican coffee has quickly become a summer favorite. Taking up permanent residence in our house-made cold brew, this coffee is know for its big chocolate note up front, followed by a mellow nuttiness and a hint of lime. Perfect for hot weather or people searching for a chill morning cup.

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Lime Flesh, Ground Cinnamon


Ethiopia Tabe Burka

Hailing from the famed Guji Zone, Tabe Burka takes its name from the washing station the coffee is processed. Coffee is collected by Tadesse Edema (founder of the washing station) from five farmer groups consisting of 300 smallholders total and sent to Tabe Burka washing station for processing. The coffee is fermented for 24-36 hours then washed with the water from the Burka river. This coffee is extremely well grown and processed resulting in a nuanced and clean drink.

Notes: Carmel, Green Apple, Peach, Cucumber


Colombia Regional Narino

Our fresh crop Colombia offering comes to us by was of Juan Francisco Ortiz and his La Paz farm. Juan grows his caturro and castillo varietals on a total of 15 hectares ranging from 1650-2000 MASL. La Paz uses no herbicides and utilizes manual control and shade trees to make sure the perfect coffee is grown. This coffee is washed and then sun dried.

NOTES: Cinnamon graham cracker, lime flesh, silky body, dark chocolate

Spokesman Kenya

Kenya Thirirka Coop, Ndundu Factory

Fresh and lively limited offering by way of the Thirirka Coop in Kenya. Washed with fresh river water and dried on raised beds in the Ndundu factory, this coffee is not to be missed. Bursting with tropical high notes and rooted by a syrupy mouthfeel jamming sugary, dark fruits. Grown northeast of Nairobi in the Kiganjo Division, this coffee is an excellent example of a perfect harmony between growing and processing.

Notes: Trix, tart cherry, vanilla, red wine, raspberry jam, clean & syrupy